Useful Information About Melanotan And What It Can Do

Melanotan belongs to a classification of peptides that is referred to as melanotropin peptides and other peptides that belong to the same group are MSH- melanocyte stimulating hormones and ACTH- adrenocortropic hormone. Essentially speaking, this is perhaps the most common peptide that is being used in the world of research and if the research findings are something to go by, there is really so much about this peptide that you should know.

Just like CJC 1295, there is so much that this peptide can do and there is really so much that it can do for you than you would probably imagine. Most importantly, the MSHs have been found in various researches to contribute greatly to pigmentation and in addition to this, they also play a very crucial role when it comes to hypothalamic satiety signal. In addition to this, the peptide has as well been found to play a very crucial role when it comes to the lipolysis of the adipocytes as well as sexual function, cognition and thermal control.

In a recently completed pilot trial study involving Melanotan and where humans were used as the research subjects, the peptide was found to significantly change the pigmentation of the humans. These changes were found to occur just after five applications of the peptide on the skin. Besides this, the researchers also noted that the peptide also had an effect of leading to consistent penile erection with yawning and stretching after the application of the peptide. One of the effects that were seen of the peptide on the subjects was mild nausea even though no treatment whatsoever was required and the subjects preferred to continue with the trials for about two weeks.

According to the researchers, the peptide proved to be a potential agent for initiating erections in men having psychogenic erections as well as those having psychogenic erectile dysfunctions. The subjects who were involved in the research were found to have some transient side effects which comprised of nausea, yawning and stretching as well as decreased appetite but the good news is that none of them required any treatment. As such, it was found that when used together with CJC 1295, the peptide came with a unique combination of effects and more research is being undertaken to ascertain exactly what more this peptide can do when administered in the body.

According to a team of researchers at the University of Arizona, Melanotan seems to be the new kid on block when it comes to tanning and this is essentially a peptide that everyone out there should be on the lookout for.