Understanding The Usage of Melanotan in Today World

Melanotan are artificial hormones that was made in order provide people with great tans without having the need of UV rays. Besides the good skin looking color, it also has side effects of appetite suppression, which results to weight loss and also boosts libido. This can either be taken as a positive or a negative effect.

Melanotan has 2 kinds, Melanotan -1 and Melanotan II. More Melanotan means more melanin and melanin causes the tanning and darkening of the skin color. The features of Melanotan are not just limited to skin pigmentations; the Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone is also the hormone responsible for hair pigmentations and as previously mentioned, also libido and appetite.

Melanotan may be considered as the wonder drug and a quick solution but this pill, much like any other medical drug, it may also bring damages.,Since Melanotan are sold without prescription, it is always suggested that any interested customer should seek consultation first from experts or know his/her health condition before buying the Melanotan.

Users should not get carried away by instant results in such a short time since results may vary from person to person depending on a person’s skin type. Also, different areas of the body respond very differently to the drug and the effects can be highly individualized. If Melanotan is not used properly then it can cause disruption to the usual processes of the human body. For example, injectable Melanotan has a risk for hepatitis or HIV infections if the needles used are not properly sanitized. Another example would be Melanotan may boost someone’s energy but it may also cause headaches and heart palpitations at the same time.