Melanotan : Uses And Effects

Melanotan is a peptide formed in labs similar to hormones found in human beings. It is a drug used for treatment for skin disorders and also acting as a skin tanning agent. Another important use of Melanotan is curing sexual dysfunction in men. A chemical called melanocyte stimulating hormone is found in both men and women. This drug or peptide functions the way this hormone works i.e. production of skin darkening pigments and stimulating brain to erect the sexual organ of men.

Melanotan is given as a shot to those who want to tan their skin or those who want to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). There is evidence which supports that Melanotan shots are safe for people who want to treat the respective disorders. The side effects might include some stomach cramps, lethargy, lost appetite and spontaneous erections of penis. However, the effects subside soon after. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers however should avid using these.
Melanotan is a quick and easy way of treating the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) which otherwise can cause extreme frustration and anxiety among men. To treat ED, 0.025mg/kg is recommended. And for women and men, who want to have perfect summer tan are also recommended the same dosage. However the dosages should be taken under strict doctor’s supervision.